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6 responses to “Discussion

  1. I am organizing an event to take pictures of CCTV camera’s on Aug 23 and am looking for help. Can we talk?

  2. ZacS

    Hi, wouldn’t it be easier to have a map that, once people are registered to, they can add to? It would save manually adding every camera, as I could easily photograph 100 in a day, and although it wouldn’t be a big job to resize them all, they still have to be added.


    • cctvtreasurehunt

      Hi, yes that idea is much better! We are pretty low-fi here at the moment but are working on improving the site so that adding cameras to the map is much more simple for us & anyone else who wants to get involved, so watch this space!

  3. Spot

    Are you guys also interested in camera’s not in the uk? I was thinking about making a map with camera’s marked, and then I found your site.. brilliant. I live in the Netherlands and I am seriously fed up with all the camera’s. (but I noticed that in London they really are in every building.. omg)

    So would you like me to send in pictures and positions?

    • cctvtreasurehunt


      sorry it’s taken ages to reply, but yes, it would be great if you wanted to send in any pictures of cctv cameras in the UK or elsewhere! It’s really interesting to hear about how these measures are being implemented in different countries and what other groups are out there that are questioning and resisting these issues. Keep in touch!

  4. This sounds like a great idea! We have produced a feature documentary called Erasing David, which discusses the issues of privacy and liberty in the UK. David visits a CCTV head office to learn more about the benefits(!) of the cameras in our society.

    We would love to feature this on our website and encourage our audience to join in the game.

    Let me know if you are interested on sarah@greenlions.com

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