On Surveillance

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Britain is one of the leading countries in CCTV surveillance with a massive surveillance grid made up of over 4.2 million cameras. There are more cameras in this country than anywhere else in relation to the size of its population.

There are now generations of children who have never known life without CCTV camera surveillance in the United Kingdom

A recent report funded by the Home Office has come to confirm what many studies have previously pointed at: That crime is not reduced as a result of the millions of CCTV cameras monitoring our lives.

CCTV has become such an established feature of British cities that architects and urban planners are factoring cameras into the core design of new towns & buildings.

We are monitored on the street, on the highway, in our offices, in our schools, in shops, buses, trains and public services. Wandering around your city, you are likely to appear on camera over 300 times per day.