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What is the CCTV Treasure Hunt?

The CCTV Treasure Hunt is an interactive game both on-line and on-the-ground that aims to map the UK’s camera surveillance network.


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With over 4.2 million CCTV cameras across the country, there is no doubt about it: Britain is a surveillance society. And the great achievement of a surveillance society is instilling a sense of ‘being watched’ on its subjects so they ‘normalise’ their own behaviour in an act of self-policing. But if ‘normal’ is only the type of behaviour that obeys the rules and laws of those who watch society, who watches them?

Turn your cameras towards the CCTV cameras and use you camera-phone as a form of sousveillance! Join in in a game of watching the watchers and help chart the UK’s system of control. Check out the map to see what’s already been found and contribute to the on-going debate…. Grab your mobile and get snapping!