The Game

Welcome to The CCTV Treasure Hunt

The CCTV Treasure Hunt is an urban game that can be played anywhere in the world. All you need is a few keen players with camera phones, a map of the area you’re going to explore and some exciting props to protect your anonymity!


The game involves setting a central meeting location (base) from which the action starts. Participants must have a camera phone or other digital recording device which they will use as a tool of sousveillance. They are also given an explorers pack which includes a map covering a 3-mile radius around the base location, a small Guide to the game and a mask to protect their anonymity…

Participants then have 1 hour to scout the area on the map and find, photograph and mark on the map as many CCTV cameras as possible. The player or team which finds the most cameras wins the game!

At the end of the CCTV Treasure Hunt, all the photographs collected are uploaded to the online map on this blog, contributing to the ongoing efforts to visually map the systems of surveillance of our cities!

Look out for when the game is next played– it might be somewhere near you. For advice on organising a game in your area and to be sent copies of the explorers packs, feel free to contact us!